Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This morning we started our day with the hotel's wonderful breakfast buffet.

Emma Claire enjoyed watermelon, dragon fruit, congee and a little yogurt.

Shortly thereafter, we headed back to the Civil Affairs office to make everything official. Here we were presented with the wonderful adoption certificate.

We have discovered that EC does not enjoy riding in the van. She seems to shut down. So sad! But, the second that we step out of the van her precious smile reappears. 

Emma Claire has quite the personality!

We ventured out to Wal-Mart again before lunch.

EC waived to everyone that we passed on the street and to everyone in Wal-Mart. She would flash her big smile, wave and say, "hey!" until the person would smile and wave back at her.

Later this afternoon we headed to apply for Emma Claire's passport.
All went well and we returned to our room and had noodles for dinner.

After her bath, I painted Emma Claire's nails. She absolutely loved it! Such a girly girl! She and Maylee are going to get along so well.

We enjoyed FaceTime with everybody at home before heading off to bed. 

Tomorrow is a free day, and I think we are going to venture in a different direction to check out a park that is nearby.

I'll leave you with a few pics that show some of the many cute faces of Emma Claire.

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