Monday, October 21, 2013


I Wow!

What a day!

We met our guide in the hotel lobby at 9:30 this morning and loaded in the van for the 20 minute ride to the Civil Affairs office.

We were the first ones there and had the honor to witness several families unite with their babies for the first time.

Such emotions fill that room.

Emma Claire was the last to arrive.

She had tears in her eyes, mainly due to the child who was riding with her as they were from the same orphanage. He was quite upset and that seemed to make Emma Claire worried and upset.

After signing some paperwork and putting my red thumbprint and Emma  Claire's red handprint, we headed to the van.

Here we are on the way back to the hotel.

Thankfully, it was just a short 20 minute ride.

Things started to sink in and Emma Claire silently shed a couple of tears.

But, once we got back up to the hotel room, she quickly cheered up and started to show off her sweet, sassy personality!

We skyped with Abby and Mike. Emma Claire pointed to Mike and said, "Daddy!"
This is the first time we had heard her speak!

Sweet girl is taking a nap now, so I'll close with a few more pictures.

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Anne Dye said...

YAY! We are rejoicing with you all! So thankful!


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