Sunday, October 27, 2013

Catching Up...

Our days are filled with a few appointments here and there and A LOT of walking!

So, usually when we are back in the hotel room I am too tired to spend much time on the blog.

But,nonetheless, I will try to do a bit of catching up.

We received Emma Claire's passport on Friday.

This means we could travel to the next province in order to complete the United States side of our adoption.

We boarded a plane on Friday afternoon and took the 2 hour flight to Guangzhou.

Emma Claire is still not a fan of transportation. We tried to preoccupy her with colors and snacks.

It worked for a little while and then the whimpering began.

Upon arrival at the Guangzhou airport, we met up with our guide and another family with our agency.

After a good night's sleep and another wonderful breakfast buffet, we made our way to get Emma Claire's visa photo taken and then the dreaded medical appointment.

All stations went well until it was time for the blood test.

Of course, she cried.

But, she was comforted easily and was so proud of her band aid!

She kept showing me and wanting me to kiss it.

Saturday afternoon we went shopping and had a blast!

We then treated ourselves to some American food.... McDonalds!

Emma Claire loves French fries!

Heidi enjoyed it, as well.

It's funny... Heidi and I really do not care for McDonalds much when we are at home.

But, last night it was so good! :)

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