Friday, September 14, 2012

What a Week

Well, have you ever just had one of those weeks??

My mom called me on Monday morning to let me know that my dad had been hit by a car and was in the hospital.

His leg was broken just below the hip joint and required surgery.

Me and the three youngest kiddos drove down on Tuesday morning and my dad finally went to surgery around 6 pm on Tuesday.
Surgery went well and they placed a pin to help heal the bone.

Therapy has been hard, but that is expected.

He was just moved to a rehab center a bit ago to stay for a few weeks. This has him very upset, but it is best. He is just ready to get home.

Me and the kids will head home tomorrow for a few days.

Then, we will head to Memphis on Thursday in preparation for Maylee's spinal cord detether.

She will have an MRI on Thursday and surgery on Friday.

Prayers are appreciated for both my dad and mom as well as Maylee as she faces surgery and recovery.

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Keisha said...

Oh NO!! Rebecca I'm sorry! But, I'm so thankful he's alive! Bless his heart. I will be thinking & praying for yall this week! Keep us posted;)

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