Sunday, September 23, 2012

And, there it is!

Boy oh boy, what a rough couple of days we had!

Maylee's pain has been intense, but that was really the least of our worries.

We could not get her allergic reaction under control.

Turns out, we now have 3 medications to add to the allergy list.

So, after much Benadryl and many doses of Decadron, it is beginning to look better.

Late this afternoon, we hit the 48 hours after surgery mark; therefore, it was time to slowly try to sit up.

We made sure that Maylee had just had a nice dose of pain meds and took it really slowly.

She was so scared, but I knew she would feel so much better to sit up and be able to use a pillow again.

And here, my friends, is that famous Maylee smile that I have missed so!

Tomorrow, Maylee will stand up with assistance and be visited by Physical Therapy.

If all goes well, she could be discharged tomorrow.

Her neurosurgeon wants us to stay at the Fed Ex Family House for a day or two just so we will still be close by.
I'm good with that, but I sure am ready to be home.

All in God's timing.

Thank you for the continued prayers!!

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1 comment:

Keisha said...

YAY! Praise God!
It's the little things....
Praying all goes well today with PT!!


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