Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Maylee was discharged form the hospital yesterday afternoon.

Since we live 3 hours from the hospital, her surgeon asked if we would stay one more night at the FedEx Family House just to be on the safe side.

Boy, oh boy! Were we a sight to behold!

One very sweet and helpful 9 year old boy pushing the 4 year old boy in his wheelchair while also carrying my very heavy purse.

Then, there was me.

I pushed Maylee in her chair all the while also rolling a bulging suitcase with a very full duffle bag hanging on top.

Oh, and did I mention that I did this while dodging the large mylar balloon which was tied onto the wheelchair.

Yeah....we were quite a sight!

But, we made it!

And, I simply cannot say enough nice things about the FedEx Family House.

We are so grateful for this incredible gift of a place to stay nearby the hospital.

Bennett and Sam David have been real troopers being cooped up in the hospital room!

So, once we got settled into our room, we headed downstairs for a little playtime that everyone could enjoy.

Bennett enjoyed playing the Wii.

Sam David enjoyed a snack.

 and loved playing with just about everything there.

and Maylee played with the dominoes.

And, don't forget to check back with us.

Next post, you will see a precious little girl going for a little walk.

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