Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leaving The Nest

We have witnessed this particular bird's nest for several weeks now.

It is in a very inconvenient location, directly above the back door. But, that's beside the point.

Yesterday was the big day!

Four precious babies, with mouths opened wide could be seen stretching above the rim of their meticulously made home.

Their parents can be seen flying loudly in a circle as they keep watch of their proud additions.

Two of the four have decided it was time to leave their comfortable home. And, the last two will soon take that leap as well.

The whole scene had me thinking.

Hubby and I have worked for many years to have a loving, safe home for our babies.

We have fed, clothed, guided and protected.

At times, we probably felt like those daddy and mommy birds as they chirped loudly as anyone came too close to their precious babies. After all, God's greatest gifts to us are our children!

Soon, our oldest baby bird will be leaving the nest. She will spread her wings and take flight.

We can only pray that she continues to seek God in everything. Our oldest baby bird is a strong young lady with a beautiful spirit who adores her younger siblings.

Although, she is only headed off to college, we know the importance of this time in her life.

We love you, Abby!

Spread your beautiful wings and FLY with God as your guide!

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Keisha said...

Such a SWEET Post! Hard to believe she's a graduate! Time flies! Blessings to you and your family!


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