Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blessings Abound ~ Pay It Forward

Maylee has been talking about getting a haircut for a couple of weeks.

She couldn't decide how short that she wanted it.

The other day I told her that if she got enough hair cut that she could give her hair to a kid who had lost their hair because they were sick.

I will not forget the smile that beamed across her face as she emphatically shook her head.

Pure delight!!

So, yesterday was the big day!

She was a little nervous.

But, then her joy was apparent!!

Look at my girl!!


Another really cool thing happened yesterday, as well.

The haircut came at the close of a very busy, fun-filled day.

The 2 littles had a ball game, so we rushed to the beauty shop, glistening with sweat.

We were the last appointment for the day.

Needless to say, the 4 kiddos that I had with me at the time were famished.

So, we decided to pull in a nearby Waffle House to grab a quick bite to eat before heading home.

Sam David had fallen asleep in the car and I could never arouse him to even eat his dinner.

Other than that, it was a fairly typical meal.

After we had finished eating, I asked the waitress to bring me a to-go box for Sam David's bacon & eggs, since he completely slept through dinner.

So, when she returned, the waitress told us that our bill had been taken care of.


She told us that the man sitting in the booth behind us had paid for our bill!

By this time, he had long left the restaurant.

So, to the kind gentleman who paid for our dinner: THANK YOU!!

You certainly brightened our day!

So, that one kind gesture got us thinking...

What can we do for someone tomorrow that would brighten their day??

Take time out of your busy day.

Pay for a meal of a stranger.

Let someone go in front of you in the grocery line.

Send a card anonymously to someone in the mail with some encouraging words.

The options are endless....

What will you do today?

Make A Difference!

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