Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas!

Just a quick look around....

It was fun to take full advantage of the beautiful woods that surround us now and pick out a "real" Christmas tree this year.

Bennett & Heidi enjoyed stringing some popcorn for the small trees in their rooms.

Of course, the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus!

Here is a look at some of my favorite Nativity Sets that I have collected over the years.

One more quick peek at one of our Christmas favorites....

The Cross.

This is the cross that I made in elementary school and hung on my parents' tree for many, many years.

It now hangs from the top of our family's tree each year. (not sure how much longer it will hang on)

But, I love the reminder of the cross at Christmas. Don't you?

Here's hoping that each of you enjoy this wonderful Christmas season and make many memories with those you love!


Keisha said...

I love the cross! How wonderful that you still have it!! I also love your Nativity collection!

my family said...

awesome cross and love the nativities


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