Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God's Promises

I am so thankful for God's promises!

What about you?

What has God revealed to you lately?

His mercies are new every day!

The Lord blessed me with planting a dream in my heart 5 years ago to start a camp for children with disabilities.

He has been faithful through it all!

I am thrilled that even though our family is moving due to the hubby's job, that my family will still be able to have an active role in this wonderful ministry!

I will be returning in the summers to lead the summer camps!! And another great blessing is that my kids will be able to serve alongside me!

Here was the rainbow promise that God painted over Hope Hollow last night!

Stop by Hope Hollow's Facebook Page to see what we are all about.

We have a blast!!

Praise God for blessings and rainbows!!

1 comment:

Symasek Family Circus said...

Hey Rebecca! I just got your comment on our blog! I would LOVE to ask you some questions regarding the de-tethering surgeries! Could you email me? I couldn't find your email address...mine is symasekfab5@aol.com
Thanks so much for posting on our blog!


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