Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Super Star

Sam David has the incredible opportunity to play for our state's only wheelchair basketball team.

This is only the 2nd year for our team's existence. Therefore, we are very limited with resources.

Last season, our team only had access to used, borrowed sports chairs to use during practice and games.

There was not a single one of those sports chairs that came even close to being small enough for our SD.

So, Sam David just used his personal day chair which came with challenges. But, even flipping over a few times on the court didn't slow our tough guy down.

But, a few weeks ago, we got a message from Sam David's coach that we might be able to borrow a small sports chair from another team in a neighboring state. 

Wow! What a blessing!

So, at our practice this past Saturday, Sam David got to try out the borrowed sports chair for the first time.

Y'all, it was a perfect fit!

I don't think he stopped smiling for the entire practice!

Once again, we have been blessed beyond measure!

We cannot wait to cheer on our Sam David and the Wheelcats this upcoming season!

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