Friday, August 23, 2013

Cuteness Overload

I know, I know.....I don't blog in over a month, and then WHAM!

Two posts one day!

What can I takes over and this poor, little, neglected blog takes a back seat.

But, these next pics will surely make up for my lack of dedication....

We just received some updated pictures of our Emma Claire.

And, boy oh boy!

Well, I will just let you be the judge...

Watch out world! I'm cute & I know it!

Strike a pose!

Brushy, Brushy


Hello, Mommy? So, when are you coming to pick me up?

See what I mean?
I could not keep all of the cuteness to myself.
It was meant to be shared with the world!
It won't be long now, sweet girl......
Just waiting on Article 5 approval, then Travel Approval!
The end is just around the bend.
Or, is it just the beginning?
All I know is that I think we are in for a real treat with this little munchkin.
Don't you think?


Alison said...

She is ADORABLE!!!! Can't wait to see her in your arms!

chinamom said...

Rebecca she is absolutely Beautiful!! I predict lots of snuggles and laughs with this little one... so precious.


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