Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garden Goodies

We were blessed with a huge bag full of okra last week.

We love okra!!

The kids and I jumped on the opportunity to get some of the garden goodies into our freezer so that we can enjoy them throughout the year.

Time to trim the ends and rinse the okra before blanching them.

After the blanching process, it's time for the okra pods to take an ice bath.

After cooling down, the pods lay on a towel to dry off a bit.

It's time for the smaller okra pods to meet their destiny in small freezer bags.

Then, the larger pods are sliced to be later pulled from the freezer to enjoy some delicious fried okra. (my personal favorite)

And, of course, after all of that work, we were all craving some fresh okra right then.

So, what did we enjoy with our supper that night?

Fried okra, of course!


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